Salem Hardwood
2880 State Hwy 18
Adamsville, PA 16110

Lumber and Log Sales

Quality Hardwood Lumber and Logs

If you represent a company looking for quality grade or industrial hardwood lumber or hardwood logs please call us for a quote. We produce green fresh-sawn hardwood lumber destined for a multitude of end uses.

We supply furniture, cabinet, paneling, and flooring grade markets as well as railroad tie and pallet manufacturers, and our newest market of supplying oil and gas field service companies with industrial wood cut to their specifications.

We market our best logs to veneer companies, stave manufacturers and other buyers searching for a study supply of high quality hardwood. We demand the highest prices for our products, but we deliver on time and stand behind their quality, grade and appearance.

Thinking Globally, Harvesting Locally

Based in the Pennsylvania Counties of Crawford and Mercer, Salem Hardwood harvests standing timber in Western Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio.

Our mills are located in the heart of an abundant timber resource base with Black Cherry, Red & White Oak, and Hard and Soft Maple being the dominant species. Other important local species include Black Walnut, Ash, Tulip Poplar, Sassafras, Elm, Beech, Sycamore, Basswood and Aspen.

Salem Hardwood has developed log and lumber markets for all of these hardwood species and even has strong markets for local softwood species including Pine, Larch, Spruce and Hemlock.

Hardwood products from our region are in demand around the world. We sell hardwood lumber and logs throughout the U.S., Canada and supply several European and Asian markets.

With a substantial yet modest production rate we can offer personal service to both landowners and customers while still having a serious presence in global hardwood markets.

Strong Markets, Low Costs and Maximization
of Forest Resources

Standing timber pricing often proves to be a mysterious process for timberland owners. Many cannot understand how Salem Hardwood can offer thousands of dollars more than its competitors for the same timber.

There are three major reasons for our competitive edge.

1. We constantly search for new and better markets for our forest products in this ever-shrinking world of global trade.

2. We strive to keep our costs low relative to our overall production and our processing operations streamlined so that we can offer larger sums for standing timber.

3. We process logs using extremely thin band saws that reduce sawdust waste each time a cut is made.

Traditional mills that rely solely on circular head saws lose as much as 1/4" of good wood as sawdust each time a cut is made. That means 1/2" of wood is lost to the sawdust bin every time a board is produced! Other mills use large band saw head rigs that limit the sawdust waste to 1/8" for each cut.

However, Salem Hardwood processes its best logs through a band mill producing only one-tenth of an inch of sawdust waste each cut. By recovering more material out of each log and wasting less, Salem Hardwood is able to pay more for each tree in the woods.