Salem Hardwood
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Adamsville, PA 16110

Timber Estimates

At Salem Hardwood we take a safe and environmentally friendly approach to logging and standing timber management. We have the expertise and dedicated approach needed for your requirements.

We Offer Landowners the Following:

• Full Payment Before any Timber is Removed
• Selective and Shelterwood Harvests / Timber Stand Improvement
• Skidding with Horses or Modern Equipment
• Certificates of Full Insurance Coverage
• A Long List of Satisfied Landowner References
• Finder's Fees for Referrals to Timber that We Purchase
• Our Firm Commitment that Landowner Satisfaction is Priority #1

One Choice
Like most landowners you may struggle with the decision of whether to sell your timber and if so, then to whom. It may be one of the most important decisions you make as a landowner. By choosing not to cut any trees, your forest can stagnate, become unhealthy, and not generate sustained income. By choosing the wrong timber company to harvest trees, you risk being left with a substandard job, unfulfilled promises, and unsound forestry decisions. Some landowners opt for a consulting forestry broker who will charge ten to fifteen percent of the timber selling price for forestry advice and the opportunity to broker the timber for them, but they still get a substandard job, unfulfilled promises, and unsound forestry decisions.

In choosing Salem Hardwood, you will find yourself dealing with a company committed to sound forestry, quality workmanship, and 100% landowner satisfaction. If you are a landowner who demands the highest prices for your standing timber, but still care about your land and the long term health and economic prospects of your forest, there is only one choice, Salem Hardwood.

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Sustainable Forestry

Salem Hardwood is a proud partner of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative of Pennsylvania (SFI of PA) which focuses not only what is taken out of the forest but what is left behind.

Our trained forestry staff is different from most timber company procurement programs. We do not just give timber estimates; we give solid forestry advice. Our staff strives to protect wildlife habitat, water resources, woodland aesthetics, residual trees and adequate sources of quality hardwood regeneration (seeds, seedlings, saplings, and mature hardwoods). Many timber buyers cruise the woods only looking up, while you will often catch our foresters surveying the ground for proper soil conditions and regeneration potential.

Salem Hardwood is committed to sustainable forestry and proper timber management.

Forest Management

Timberland is a valuable asset which should be managed properly. Landowners should never assume that woodlands will automatically regenerate the same quality of timber that is presently growing. If managed poorly, long term economic prospects will wane. If managed wisely, the value of a forest can increase significantly over a landowner’s lifetime.

Forest Ecology

At Salem Hardwood we know that quality timber grows best in forest ecosystems where the trees compete for light, air, water and soil nutrients. Trees tend to grow tall and straight while competing for dominance in the forest canopy to absorb direct sunlight, and they establish extensive root systems for an adequate supply of water and minerals from the soil.

With this in mind, Salem Hardwood seeks to remove forest resources employing logging practices that protect the forest ecosystem and residual timber stand left for future harvests.

Proper logging practices actually can improve a wood lot, stimulate residual timber growth and help maintain forest health.

Multiple Use Land Management

Salem Hardwood can help you establish a system of trails to better access and use your land. As part of every timber harvest, trails are established which can make forests better suited for multiple uses such as hunting, hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, and horse riding, and improve accessibility to trees for firewood and future timber harvests.

Discover how Salem Hardwood can help make your property more suitable for a multitude of recreational uses.

Long-Term Timber Management

Salem Hardwood can provide customized Timber Management Plans for landowners who would like to enhance the value and health of their forest for greater long term profits and sustained yields.

With a proper forest management harvest program, landowners can continually improve the quality and value of their forest.

Landowners enrolled in our long-term management program our guaranteed that after each harvest the quality of their timber will improve, and the average stem diameter will stay the same or increase in size through proper shelter-wood thinning procedures.